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What do we treat?

We find the root cause of your pain, so feeling better actually means being better.

Feeling pain is horrible. And when you’ve got really acute pain, that is so excrutiating that you can hardly move, it feels like no-one can help. We are super experts at getting people back to healthy, and back to being happy. We treat back pain, leg pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, muscle spasm and cramps and much much more. Feeling pain isn’t normal, and when you feel pain it is a symptom of a much deeper cause. We’re here to actually listen, properly diagnose and then sort the problem out, so you get back to being normal. Sounds super doesn’t it?


Why choose
us to fix

Why Choose Us

Changing people’s lives. What better motivation than that do we need?

We often hear our patients say we’ve saved their lives. They mean that they’re able to live again, move again, work again, play again and just be able to enjoy life. When you’ve got any kind of pain, acute or chronic, it totally limits what you can do with your life. Well, we’re here as experts in our field, as professionals who care, as humans who listen and as super health heroes on a mission to sort you out.



Our Space

From the minute you walk in it's a warm welcome all around. Come and see our space, built around fixing you.

Our chiropractic space is designed to be comfortable, calm and completely geared around fixing your problems. We have lovely receptionists, private changing rooms, complementary smellies, lots ot read, and that’s before you’ve even got to your treatment room. And don’t worry, if your back pain is so bad you can barely get here, then our state of the art treatment beds are all motorised to ease you down.


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