Stress, weight loss and health

If you are struggling with your weight, or if you seem to lurch from one cold or illness to the next, you might just be suffering with stress to your system.   Your body has evolved over thousands of years to be better at surviving in hostile environments. unfortunately we haven’t had the same time […]


Christmas Newsletter

Ho, Ho, Ho!

“Dear Father Christmas,

For Christmas this year please may I have some Alka Seltzer, some control pants and a new set of scales as mine appear to be broken!”

This might as well be the letter that most of us should be writing to Father Christmas this year.

On Christmas day, the average Briton will be eating up to three times as many calories as normally consumed.
That will be 6000 calories for women and 7500 for men. To put that into perspective, this is the amount of calories a tour de France rider, a royal marine or an arctic explorer will consume in a day to keep going!!
Read on for our tips to a healthier (and slimmer) Christmas…


Baby steps

When we see patients for the first time in the clinic although the pain may have only started recently, the problems underlying, the ACTUAL CAUSE of the symptoms they are feeling will almost certainly have been around for some time, building silently until the body finally says “Enough is enough” and stops working, telling you or more likely insisting that you stop and pay attention to the problems.


A Chiropractor, A Chiropractor, My Kingdom for A Chiropractor

I don’t know how many of you caught the news earlier this year about the discovery of Richard the Third’s final resting place under a car park in Leicester. Quite a coup for our history, but the thing I noticed immediately from the photo was that the historical image of Richard as a hunchback was correct- and the thing that caused this rib humping was a major curvature of his spine creating a defect called a scoliosis and effectively shortening his spine by several inches.


Just what is that cracking sound anyway?

As chiropractors we’re here to help people but by the nature of what we do, people hate us for the pops and cracks we cause. So what exactly are those noises you hear? Well actually the crack is something that is quite incidental to the treatment and whether the joint does or does not crack is not important as to whetehr the spine is healing, in fact some people’s spines never crack in places.


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