Our Space


  • Delivering chiropractic in Horsforth since 2000
  • 5 experienced chiropractors
  • Ongoing commitment to our education
  • 2 ears 1 mouth
  • Over 10,000 clients
  • Fully acredited
  • Wide ranging specialties among out team

From the minute you walk in it’s a warm welcome all around. Come and see our space, built around fixing you.


Our chiropractic space is designed to be comfortable, calm and completely geared around fixing your problems.


We have lovely receptionists, private changing rooms, complementary smellies, lots to read, and that’s before you’ve even got to your treatment room. And don’t worry, if your back pain is so bad you can barely get here, then our state of the art treatment beds are motorised so you don’t have to climb up and down.


Please arrive early enough to get changed and ready for your appointment


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