Why choose
us to fix

Why Choose Us

  • Established in 2000
  • 5 experienced chiropractors
  • Ongoing commitment to our education
  • 2 ears 1 mouth
  • Over 10,000 existing clients
  • Fully acredited
  • Wide ranging specialties among out team

Changing people’s lives.
What better motivation
than that do we need?


We often hear our patients say we’ve “saved their lives”. They mean that they’re able to live again, move again, work again, play again and just be able to enjoy life.


When you’ve got any kind of pain, acute or chronic, it totally limits what you can do with your life. Well, we’re here as experts in our field, as professionals who care, as humans who listen and as super health heroes on a mission to sort you out.


We have all the accreditations and expert training you’d expect from someone who’ll be manipulating your back and adjusting your neck. Check the ‘Meet the Team’ page for more on our chiropractors.


Also, we listen to you. We try and find out the root cause of your pain, not just treat the tip of the iceberg. It’s about getting you back to full health, with all your mechanics working properly, and not just masked by temporary pain relief.


What happens in a chiropractic session



A Step By Step Process of Chiropractic Treatment

Assessment of Health History
When you first arrive at our office we sit you down (with a nice cuppa) and guide you through your health questionnaire and consent forms. Once that’s done, the chiropractor will read and consider your medical history before he takes you into the private treatment room.
Consultation with Chiropractor
We will chat with you at length about your problem. We will listen to all you have to tell us about your condition, past medical history and any worries or concerns you have so we can build up a clear picture of what has been going on for you and how you got to this point
Chiropractic examination
We then move on to examine you physically, testing your range of movement, function and muscle strength, amongst other things. Only when we have a clear idea of what is happening will we make our diagnosis and create a clear treatment plan.
We will conduct a battery of orthopaedic, neurological and chiropractic tests as part of our examination and will draw on those results and our experience and knowledge to uncover what is happening in your body and identify the cumulative factors or root causes that got you here.
Report of Findings
We will tell you our findings using diagrams and skeletal models to explain things clearly to you, making sure you understand exactly what is happening to your body and what we intend to do about it. We will also tell you about the various risk factors in your lifestyle that have led to your body developing this condition
Chiropractic correction and adjustment
There are hundreds of different techniques your chiropractor can use. Treatment is, therefore, adapted individually to you depending on your age, condition and lifestyle factors. We aim to keep you functionally healthy for the whole of your life so you can continue to do all the things you love; not just get you out of pain (although we hopefully do that too!)

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