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When we see patients for the first time in the clinic although the pain may have only started recently, the problems underlying, the ACTUAL CAUSE of the symptoms they are feeling will almost certainly have been around for some time, building silently until the body finally says “Enough is enough” and stops working, telling you or more likely insisting that you stop and pay attention to the problems.

Because the issue has been there for a while, it is not wise to just jump back in to the old levels of activity that caused the problems in the first place at the level you were.

So whether that is exercise, sitting at your desk, gardening or whatever your activity of choice is, the most important thing you must do is take BABY STEPS at first when getting back into normal routines.

When you start your primary first aid stretches and then your rehabilitation exercises we make sure you start off slowly, gradually building them up as your body strengthens and gets used to normal movements again (possibly after many years of working incorrectly).

Well the same thing follows for the things you do in the rest of your life.

You must start gradually and increase the stresses and tolerances to the joints, muscles and ligaments of the body as your posture changes over time and you get stronger.


It might take years of gradually declining function before you feel symptoms and getting you back to health will also take time.

So remember at first to take baby steps. You wouldn’t train for a marathon by running 26 miles the first time out would you?


To your health,


Debbie Shaw

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