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Chiropractic Care, Exercise and Fitness

With back pain, neck ache and joint pain effecting so many of us, the impact on our mental well-being and performance is wide reaching. This is especially prevalent to those who participate in sports and why many athletes and people who participate in sports, visit our chiropractors in Leeds.

Many of the top sports clubs and athletes have caught on to the positive impact chiropractic care can have and incorporated this non-medicated treatment into their core provision. Why? Small dips in the nervous system function lead to decreased function, imbalance in the alignment of the joints, strength and firing of muscles and postural changes to muscles. If you add all those on to a high performing sport, then chiropractic care ceases to be a luxury and becomes a necessity!

Q&A with Danny Mills

One of our regular visitors to the clinic, is former England and Leeds United footballer, Danny Mills. We caught up with Danny to find out why exercise and fitness has continued to play such as important part in his life and why he is a big advocate of chiropractic care.

  • Hi Danny, congratulations on a fantastic career! How did you get into football?

I just loved playing football as a kid. I played for Norwich Youth Team as a YTS, basically a dogs body, cleaning, washing, making tea etc.. oh and playing football! I made my debut at 18, live on TV in a Luton v Norwich match which saw me give away a penalty, so didn’t go great! But we won! From there I went to Charlton where got promoted into Premier League, got relegated and moved to Leeds.
14 months later, then England, Middlesbrough FC, Manchester City, before playing my last game at 30 with a serious knee injury, a chondral defect. After 2 surgeries and 24 months rehab, I decided enough was enough and retired aged 32.

  • After you retired from pro football, how do you maintain your fitness? Broadgate Chiropractors in Leeds

After my knee injury, it took me 2 years to learn to run. During that time I would use the rowing machine with 1 leg… one on a slider on the floor as wouldn’t bend. Gym work, weights, core, boxing… anything I could to keep moving, stay fit, stay in shape. I began to swim, bike ride..run a little. As I got stronger, I did a triathlon, and a few Ironman competitions. Chasing the dream of doing an Ironman, having retired injured, probably was the downfall of my back. Two prolapsed discs and hardly any exercise for 6 months…it wasn’t the best preparation.

  • How important is exercise to you and your physical/mental health?

I now train six days a week and sessions will be a mix of  45-60 mins on the cross trainer which is way better for my joints and reformer Pilates 3 classes a week. I even have one at home, it’s been the best thing I ever got into. I might run 2 or 3 times a week, just because I enjoy running, the fresh air and the feeling.

This might seem a lot to many, but I always say:
– Reason 1 Vanity – I don’t want to get out of shape
– Reason 2 It’s what I’ve always done, for 25 years daily. I love the feeling exercise gives you. It’s also my time to switch off from the outside world.. completely focus on the session and relax.
– Reason 3.. the physical health benefits and feel good factor.

Exercise is part of me, who I am…

  • When did you first come across chiropractic?

I used chiropractors when I played professionally and found a brilliant one that understood me, my body and what I needed. I first used him at Leeds around 2000. After that, I never saw anyone else. I would go to his house, Saturday nights, Sunday mornings after games… to get things sorted so I could play 2 or 3 days later. Sadly, Paul moved away to take a job abroad, which made it very tricky to see him. Paul had worked for Leeds United, Middlesbrough FC, the GB Olympic Squad and the F1 RedBull Team.

  • How long have you been coming to Broadgate?

After I slipped the two discs, I went through a full rehab program guided by friend, Dr Stephen McGregor, and got back to being OK to train normally. But I still needed a bit more work. The problem is I was very sceptical as my back was fragile, and I knew a wrong move could be catastrophic. I called Paul in the Middle East to ask his advice. He only recommended 1 name. Simon Smith. So, I booked in a couple of years ago and went along.
Simon was fabulous, his detail, manner, examination and treatment were amazing. I was very impressed and pleased. I’d found somebody that I knew was very good, and that I instantly trusted.
When you’ve had lots of injuries, seen untold medical people, you can work out very quickly the good form the not so good. I’ve also seen Amelia and was equally impressed. I don’t find many that I trust with my body, especially back and neck but Broadgate are superb. I’ve recommended so many people to go there including my own son who Runs Middle Distance for Great Britain.

  • What key piece of advice/experience have you taken away from your chiropractic treatments?

Patience is the key. It’s not a quick instant fix and you need to listen, put time and effort into the rehab and exercises.
With their help, I’ll be running the London Marathon again this year, 3 years after my prolapsed discs, more than few injections, blocks, and epidurals into my back. Not only have they helped me fight off surgery, but I’m back in good enough shape to hopefully run a sub 4-hour Marathon.

Thanks Danny! And good luck with the London Marathon! You can follow Danny on Instagram @dannymills77

You can also read all about our chiropractor, Amelia’s marathon training journey in her blog, with tips on preparation and diet.

If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort during training or exercise, please do get in touch as we’d love to have a chat to see how we could get you back to happy! Contact us for a free chiro health check.

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