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This month celebrates Spinal Awareness Week created by The United Chiropractic Association, in conjunction with the Alliance of UK Chiropractors, to promote the importance of taking care of your spine and nervous system through Chiropractic care and a healthy lifestyle.

Having back ache, neck pain and headaches can be so consuming and overwhelming, it can start to have a negative impact not only the person experiencing it, but family and friends too.

When you look at the 5 pillars of health (activity, relationships, nutrition, sleep and light) which all play a key role in living a happy, healthy life, through chiropractic adjustments, exercise and diet advice, Chiropractors can have a huge effect on the health of not just those in pain but the whole family.

The theme for this month’s awareness event is Get connected while Disconnected.

The ‘Always On’ culture and our need to be constantly connected to technology and social media is a reality of modern times.

Many of us will be guilty of not ‘disconnecting’ from technology when we know we probably should such as checking emails outside of the office, taking technology on holiday or being on social media at meal times and when we’re with loved ones.

This over use and connection of technology can lead to fatigue, stress and postural complaints which then lead to common musculoskeletal issues such as headaches, neck pain, tightness of the neck and shoulders and low back pain.

Safe and gentle chiropractic care can help stem the tide of postural decline. Along with being more active, eating well, and taking time out to disconnect from our devices and reconnect with ourselves, family and friends, we can all lead a more fulfilled life.  

Technology is a fact of life but it’s important we don’t let our health slip away as a result of our growing dependence on it. 

Here at Broadgate we’re all about understanding the individual’s issues, complaints, lifestyle and circumstances to make sure we can fully support you and your loved ones.

A tailored, bespoke and caring treatment plan is devised with one of our highly trained and experienced chiropractors. We often have patients come with close family members or friends which is a great way of sharing useful advice and tips to provide that additional support.


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